Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Cellular Pie is Full

So there are this many phones sold already.
The big guys are consolidating spectrum.
New postpaid (contract) sales have slowed. VZW had 2.1 million new adds in 4Q2012 and only 667,000 in 1Q2013
Spending on the network will continue at $9B this year.
The marketing spend will be $1.6 Billion, a little less than AT&T at $1.9 B.
The only MVNO performing well is owned by Carlos Slim's American Movil, Tracfone. "TracFone Wireless Inc., which has more than 21 million users in the United States, is the country's biggest player in the fast-growing business of selling low-cost cellphones and prepaid minutes — often to low-income customers," according to this source. They sell the ObamaPhone -- see the fact sheet on that here. It is distributed by WalMart and Walgreens and sold online.
Want to get in the MVNO game? Have a Plan on marketing and sales distribution.

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