Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Leveraging Add-ons for Stickiness

Andy has a good rundown on the video chat services (many that are free). The fact that there are so many folks in video conferencing means that the market is growing.

This means that as a VoIP provider, you are losing ground if you are not providing your customers with video/audio/web conferencing. (Need a vendor, give me a call.)

Also, since most of you are not MVNO’s, how are you leveraging mobility?

Are you an agent for Sprint or T-Mobile, making a couple of bucks per activation?

Or are you just leaving it alone all together?

Are you supporting a softphone?

It isn't enough to just release a product - like conferencing or softphone - and announce it once. The key to stickiness is usage. You need to get your users using the new service. First, you have to eat the dog food - are you using it internally?

Give classes, webinars, go to chamber events to demonstrate the new features. As usage increases, the stickier you get.

Why is sticky important? Churn is expensive. New Customer Acquisition is expensive. Do you even know what your acquisition costs are? How about the Lifetime Value of the Customer?

Just some things to think about this morning.  See you in Atlanta!

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