Sunday, June 30, 2013

Security and Privacy Are the Coming Cash Cows

Employees of servcie providers daily ask about PCI, HIPAA, VoIP security, VoIP fraud, etc.

Credit card companies frequently update the privacy rules. (I get the paper updates by mail monthly).

The NSA spying. The cloud guys sharing data with the NSA. VZW and AT&T giving the NSA free rein. These things stir up a small percentage of the population. It is the new Luxury Segment in the Marketplace.

While many of you have been trying to compete on price forever, the luxury market for goods has been healthy - without price tag worries.

One partner of a client sells lots of white glove service.

I have seen a number of business models around professional services that take care of everything for the customer - a de facto outsourced department.

Security is getting so specialized that many carriers and data centers outsource it to MSSP (managed security services providers).

Privacy is lost. But what if you could provide some? Jeff Jarvis wrote a piece in the Guardian about "We need encryption for private communications". That is the next luxury niche.

E-Rate has a niche of companies that consult on E-Rate opportunities. Rural Healthcare does too.

Next up will be privacy.

Mobile device management is one tool in this pie, handling mobile security, watchdog, lojack and wipe services.

Think about it. This could be your new niche. Not price sensitive at all. Oh, the bundles!!!

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