Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Cox Business is Adding Another Service

This isn't anything fantastic from Cox Business:

"Cox Business has expanded its portfolio of business solutions with the addition of PayLeap, a cloud based merchant and card processing service via a strategic relationship with Acculynk. The first MSO to offer a managed payment solution, Cox Business is rolling out the offering across its footprint based on a successful pilot."

What it does show is that the Duopoly continues to add products which looks like innovation. New products gives the journalists something to write about. It creates some buzz. It gives the salespeople another reason to contact customers. "Did you know that we just added.....?"

When was the last time you (A) added a new service; and (B) sent out a press release?

Stagnation and Status Quo both mean standing still, static. In Internet time, that means growing old.

The Duopoly spends a lot of money on market research to find out what customers want. Leverage that.

BTW, the Duopoly has to keep mentioning cloud or Wall Street will bash them.

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Peter Radizeski said...

Interesting set of facts from @mitchjoel about biz in the last 4 years: