Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Comcast Wants More Biz Cable Biz

Comcast Business is really looking to take a chunk of the SMB space. Analysts say almost 20% of SMB in-region will be Comcast Business customers. I think that the RBOCs (ATT and VZ) don't really care - as long as they get the business cellular accounts. But the other ILECs - Fairpoint, Frontier, Windstream and C-Link - do care and cannot afford the loss in that lucrative market that they have always owned by default. The other big losers are national CLEC's like Windstream (who is an ILEC and a CLEC), XO, Cbeyond and EarthLink.

BTW, Comcast has $47 Billion in debt on $15.3 Billion in quarterly revenue ($60B/yr).

Some selling points that you will find yourself up against:
  • Fast internet starting at 16/3 going up to 100/10.
  • Business class voice lines include unlimited long distance
  • Static IPs available, 1,5 or 13 for a fee
  • Hosted Outlook Exchange and webhosting included with the internet service
  • Diverse network form the LEC, Comcast owns the first and last mile. We do not use a LEC CO anywhere.


$69.95 16/3 Mbps
$109.95 27/7 Mbps
$199.95 50/10 Mbps
$369.95 100/10 Mbps

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