Friday, May 31, 2013


I was accused of instigating on a listserv this morning. I do that sometimes. I instigate. Why? It's part of my job.

I want to disrupt your thinking. Thinking like the monopoly will not get you anywhere.

Hugh @gapingvoid says that "My job is no lon­ger about selling. My job is about firing off as many synap­ses in my customer’s brain as pos­si­ble."

We need smarter conversations about where we are going as an industry, especially considering that DC is having these conversations without us.

If I get synapses firing, you get dopamine. Dopamine will make you feel better, like a runner's high.

I instigate sometimes, but I hope I am disrupting your day to make you think about your business. If not, I failed.


Article on GigaOm about wireline cord cutters moving to wireless only. Big discussion. The RBOCs have convinced America that LTE is all you need - even at $100+ per month!

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