Tuesday, May 28, 2013

VoIP Margins - the Numbers

In a Motley Fool write up on the margins in VoIP looked at Vonage, Cbeyond, 8x8 and MagicJack.

8x8 used to have 30% year-over-year growth - now it is 17-18%.

All 4 have 64-70% gross margin.

"MagicJack is barely larger than 8x8, and has the thinnest gross margin to boot -- but enjoys a fantastic 36.3% net income margin."


Buyers are confused big time! 15% think that cloud is free public wi-fi!

"More than 60% of retailers lack unified communications’ awareness."

"Only 13.4% use unified communications within their operation."

BTW, iTalk to Acquire 1-800-GET-VOIP Brand for Global VoIP Subscriber Service. And so consolidation continues in little pieces here and there.

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