Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Look at US Broadband

Surprisedly, EarthLink is offering Naked DSL. Some of it is resale but a majority will be off their own equipment (from ONE, Deltacom, New Edge). So while so many people are talking about the death knell of DSL, ELNK is saying otherwise.

DSL price hikes have not helped telco broadband. Cable now has 58% of the US market. Total broadband growth in the US last year was just 4%!

FCC Will Investigate AT&T, Verizon Price Increases - which are ridiculous. Because growth is slow, they raised rates to show revenue growth. Glad to see the FCC is on it [sarcasm]

Karl Bode at DSL Reports broke the story in March of a $5 Verizon increase on existing DSL customers.

US Broadband is slow and expensive. The Duopoly is slow and rich. The FCC is slow and useless.

Meanwhile Google fiber is actually pushing the Duopoly. ATT, TWC, C-Link are all building out Gigabit networks in areas that Google Fiber is announced. So FTTX is on the rise.

DSL Prime writes that "Vermontel charges only $35 for a true gigabit, upstream and down." WOW! We need more of this in the US.

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