Friday, May 24, 2013


DISH is rolling out LTE with nTelos. "nTelos and a wholly owned subsidiary of DISH have executed a Letter of Intent to pursue a strategic relationship to co-develop a fixed-mobile broadband service within nTelos’s coverage territory serving Virginia, West Virginia and portions of Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kentucky," per the PR.

DISH has some spectrum - 40 MHz in the AWS-4 band - that it hasn't gotten approval to use yet from the FCC. DISH paid $3B for the spectrum, which was designated for satellite phone usage. Cell phone usage is much more lucrative.

DISH is pursuing a bid for Sprint and has lined up the $25.2 Billion financing that it will need to buy Sprint (and Clearwire) out from under Softbank. It is also chasing LightSquared's spectrum for $2B - twice what LSQ had into it.

Where this leads, I have no idea. Where DISH is getting all this money, I have no idea.

Meanwhile, acting FCC Chair gives C-Link about $90 mill in CAF funding.

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