Tuesday, May 21, 2013

About A Players and A Managers

Good blog from Ben about "A" players (top talent).

"As CEO, you know that you cannot build a world-class company unless you maintain a world-class team. But how do you know if an executive is world-class? Beyond that, if she was world-class when you hired her, will she stay world-class? If she doesn’t, will she become world-class again?"

The blog talks about ways to determine top talent. But the CEO and the rest of teh C-Suite have to (1) be A Players themselves; and (2) more importantly, be good managers.

What makes a good manager? Well, Don't Micro-Manage. (That won't scale). Managers remove obstacles so A Players can perform at their best.

"Finally, what about being loyal to the team that got you here? If your current executive team helped you 10X your company, how can you dismiss them when they fall behind in running the behemoth they created? The answer is that your loyalty must go to your employees—the people who report to your executives. Your engineers, marketing people, sales people, finance and HR people who are doing the work. You owe them a world-class management team. That’s the priority."

Reminder: tell your current employees that they are A Players, too! Or they will work in fear and perform at their worst.

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