Monday, April 08, 2013

Notes from Robin's Boot Camp

I was at Robin Robins Boot Camp in Nashville last week. It was interesting to run into Joe Moffatt there. I thought Sam would be around, too, but he wasn't. See you all in NOLA!

A couple of things that I took out of the event:

Audio business cards? I have heard of NFC cards from MOO, but audio business cards, that's new.

Robin suggests mailing prospects a shock and awe box filled with stuff from you. For example, mouse pads with their logo, mints, DVD about your company and testimonials, a book that you wrote (using Robin's content) and a 1-pager that explains what you can do for the prospect. You could outsource the creation of this box, but you would need the ARPU to be more than $250 per month for it to be worth it.

"Marketing is the key to success. Marketing is Differentiator." It is the one thing that tech companies fail on. But let me leave you with this: Microsoft had inferior products to OS/2, Linux, Unix, etc., but it won by sheer power of marketing.

"Are you scared to succeed? Or Lazy? Are you afraid to leave your comfort zone / safety zone?"

"Luck is when preparation meets opportunity."

You suck at sales and you are letting someone not as skilled as you service your customers. Who's fault is that?

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