Sunday, March 03, 2013

Funny Story from CPExpo

So I was at Channel Partners Expo in Vegas last week. I was waiting in line at the AT&T booth for an expresso. Russ Kane saw me and came over. For those of you who do not know, I have a hate-love-hate relationship with BellSouth and AT&T. Russ Kane was AVP of the BellSouth channel when I was a big BellSouth agent. Now he is an AVP in the AT&T Channel program. I was wondering what I had written recently about the AT&T program that would warrant a conversation.

Turns out that Mr. Kane just wanted to congratulate me on my book, SELLECOM 2. Dave Miller of JBS had given him a copy of it. (Thanks Dave!) I wonder if it will become required reading at AT&T.

Dave Michels just reviewed the book on UCStrategies.

BTW, Virgo says good-bye to the Channel Partners Expo and renames it Cloud Partners. I think it is a big mistake. There are plenty of cloud shows. In fact, most comments about the CPExpo are about how many times the word cloud is used. answer: too many!

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