Monday, February 04, 2013

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What the AT&T/Verizon 700 MHz Spectrum Transaction Means for Interoperability
Note that VZW is selling rural wireless spectrum in the A-block (at fair market value).

The real Gigabit Challenge is to change the monopoly mindset of the Top 25 ISP's -- which will never happen. We should have at least 10MB connections to every household by now. We spend billions on telecom every year in RUS, CFA, USF, grants, etc. Not to mention rate hikes to the ILECs for this very network dating back to 1999!

Stacey writes, "If ISPs had been thinking like tech firms they would have realized that their goal was to connect everyone to the internet, deliver the internet everywhere and invest in applications that would drive demand for faster speeds. ISPs should have beat Boingo and Wayport to the Wi-Fi hot spot business." More accurately if they had taken any risk instead of riding a wave of profit until a sure thing came along, but that is what utility mindset execs do.

Google Fiber is making TWC be price competitive. That's what competition does! The only real competition is between the Duopoly (Cable-Telco) and everyone else - Google, Muni, Power companies, CLECs, OTT providers.

Think piece by Gary Kim: Rural Broadband Competitive Conditions Will Change, But How?

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