Thursday, February 14, 2013

2 Cloud Insights

Cloud hype is huge and sales are slowing picking up. Here are a couple of insights to keep in mind:

"Rick Wright , KPMG’s Global Cloud Enablement Program leader, said it appears some companies are only focused on the technology aspects of cloud to the detriment of their core business goals." [source]

At the end of the day, cloud isn't about the technology. Period. It is about the business outcome or impact. Focus on that.

In Gartner's 2013 SAAS Predictions, it is kind of a yawner. (Apparently not enough magic money mades it way into the SAAS coffers this quarter.) "Service-level agreements (SLAs) will continue to lag behind customer needs."

How important is an SLA? It has to be harsh enough that an outage will be painful to the service provider; otherwise, what different does it make? Getting even a month of credits is a pain to get and don't make up for lack of data availability or worse data loss.

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