Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How Many of You Blog?

I have been blogging for a while (since 2004 with over 3000 posts). Do you blog?

I have been trying to get more folks to blog for a while now. It is time consuming to blog, but it is so worth it from a marketing perspective. Google Juice baby!

Plus people get a chance to know you for more than a brochure or website. It can make you a thought leader to stand out from the crowd.

Lately more and more blogs have gone dark. People don't spend the time because there isn't an immediate ROI and they have moved on to other platforms like Tumblr, twitter, Facebook and apparently even LinkedIn, where more content is popping up to make that site noisier than ever.

Blogging is a just one tool in the marketing strategy. And you don't have to blog that often - once a week is enough.

One blog that has slowed down is Blog of a Telecom CEO from Intelletrace. He did write a nice one about 5 Gotchas in a Contract. You might want to remove these 5 gotchas from your contract and use it as your marketing gimmick!

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