Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The Fees You Can Add

In Chicago, we spoke about added fees and how to collect taxes, USF and fees. Now, we see the last major MSO adding a modem fee.
"Directly on the heels of Time Warner Cable charging their customers a new $2.95 modem rental fee, Bright House Communications has started charging a modem rental fee of their own. The company started informing customers September 15 that starting October 1, Bright House would be charging customers a $2 "maintenance & rental" fee. Bright House insists the fee helps cover the installation, service and support of the modem."

It's okay to collect for fees and taxes as long as you are transparent about it. But consumers are getting tired of being nickeled and dimed to boost revenue. It's a balance. It certainly helps when all the other service providers do it too.

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