Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Merger Rumors

T-mobile parent is in talks for MetroPCS - and MetroPCS confirms talks! This might be to spark more action from Sprint, who it has been said was talking to MetroPCS.

Overheard at ITEXPO: Level3 being bought by Comcast now that the CLEC-cable ban has been lifted by the FCC. For Comcast, Level3's debt is just a rounding error - but the video pieces of L3 via Vyvx make it attractive to Comcast who now owns NBCU.

Rumor at ITEXPO is that CenturyLink is in talks with twt. I didn't see either of those happening.

Folks who would like to be bought: XO, MetroPCS, Leap, Cbeyond, and a bunch of others.

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