Friday, September 21, 2012

Resi Bundle Idea

In Chicago, I mentioned that if I was marketing to Residential users, I would want a different package. Google is reinventing the TV package in Kansas City. is reinventing the resi Internet+voice bundle.

I would roll out a bundle with a Roku or an Xbox or something that can stream TV, AppleTV, Netflix and Amazon Video.


Amazon Video is pushing past Netflix in content and Prime users ($79 per year) get to stream a lot of free content.

There are ways to finance that package and include say Xbox Live and Netflix in the monthly (if you wanted to pay for that for your customers). If you take TEM (telecom expense management) a little step further, you could be the bill checker for paid streaming TV content, gaming content, VOD, and put in alerts etc. to the customer. Kind of like a fraud alert.

Frontier is offering a gaming subscription, partnering with games on demand provider, Exent. It is a $14.99 all-you-can-play, no contract service. "According to the market research firm Newzoo, 126 million Americans play games on social networks or casual game websites."

"In an effort to build value for their broadband offer, Frontier is willing to try offers like this. They also have launched a separately branded OTT video portal called Tum Tiki. The goal of course is to get customers using bandwidth consuming applications, some of which build incremental revenue and some of which do not. Ultimately, the goal is to drive more demand for broadband and thus more broadband subscribers." [telecompetitor]

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