Monday, July 16, 2012

VoIP Advertising is Ugly

In this article about one domain changing its name, my interest is in the fact that some VoIP comparison sites are owned by advertising agencies and others are owned by affiliate marketers.

There really isn't any unbiased information about VoIP providers available. (Well, it is probably not limited to just VoIP.)

The article points out that the battle for Google Adwords keywords increases the costs to everyone. The price-per-click (PPC) goes up. Since most websites suck, the bounces go up. It ends up costing a lot of cash to acquire one customer.

The article tells that tale. The point I bring is that a PPC campaign needs to be thought out and planned. Not just the right keyword or phrase, but the copy under the keyword, the landing page, the call to action for conversion - all crystal clear, easy, fast, concise, tracked, measured.

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