Monday, July 16, 2012

The Future of DSL

Frontier just received $71.9 Million to Wire 92,000 Unserved Homes from Connect America - $775 per home. You can almost do fiber for that money!

CenturyLink is in a battle for Connect America funds - there is only $300M available - with WISPA over what served means.

"While AT&T and Verizon appear more than happy to bleed off DSL users they don't want to pay to upgrade while they focus on wireless, smaller telcos certainly don't have that option. The nation's smaller telcos like Frontier, Fairpoint, Windstream and CenturyLink all face landline customer erosion and constant user defections to faster cable options, with many users fortunate to get 3 Mbps downstream. Frontier Communications, whose service isn't exactly known for cutting edge speeds, appears to be the first of these telcos to get help from the government's Connect America fund," DSLReports wrote.

Recognize the comment about the RBOC's and DSL! They are giving up on DSL for cellular. Unless they can do VDSL, they have just given up that market. It WILL impact ISP's! (And the C-Link decision will impact WISP's!)

Another point: since when are these ILEC's small? I think Fairpoint is the smallest at $250M per quarter or $1B a year n revenue! Frontier does $1.2B per quarter!! And despite graphs like this that make it look like they are collapsing, please note it is less than $100M in annual revenue. I guess if we still give the two RBOC-cellcos money, why not these guys too? I mean, they provide job growth and stimulate the economy. (/Sarcasm)

Warning: Political Rant

My social media streams are filled with folks complaining about government handouts, but never hear them say stop government subsidies for industries like banking, oil, farming, telecom and others. Why not???

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