Friday, July 06, 2012

Health IT Update: HIE and ePHI

Just a couple of articles about the state of IT in healthcare. And a couple of new acronyms.
Health IT spending flying high, survey says
"In fact, a Black Book HIE survey released today projects that industry spending will triple by 2014.... Despite these projections, the majority of U.S. hospitals (80 percent) and physicians (97 percent) remain disconnected from HIE technology. ... Although only one in 15 provider organizations indicated they are developing strategies to advance them towards HIEs, industry tech executives sang a different tune, with 84 percent saying they are actively taking measures to move towards HIE adoption."
Black Book’s 2012 State of the Health Information Exchange (HIE) Industry report
Goofy article about What HIPAA Means for Data Centers. "electronic protected health information (ePHI) is the essence of the HIPAA Security Rule." "Data centers need to adhere to the administrative, physical and technical safeguards and standards set forth by the HITECH act to be HIPAA compliant." [NOTE: a sub-headline with HIPPA in it! Yuck!]

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