Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How to Compete

Presented the webinar on How to Compete today. We hit on these 4 sales scenarios:
  1. Do you get beat on Price?
  2. Are the CLEC's eating your T1 lunch?
  3. Is cable stealing your broadband business?
  4. Are you having trouble selling Hosted PBX?
This webinar was designed for regional CLEC's, ISP's and VoIP providers. This was granular with action steps to take, including steps to Build Your Brand. The Q&A also leaves you with actionable items.
Get the mp3 of the webinar and the slides (PDF) for just $35!

Does your sales team need helping competing?

Let's set up a time to do a live training (it could be at an event I am already attending or your office) - or plan a webinar just for your team. This kind of training will produce results!
Call 813-963-5884 for the RAD-INFO INC training today!

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