Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Business Problem

According to Chartec, "Marketing and sales come up as the most frightening to 95% of all MSP’s we work with at CharTec." Companies today do not make an investment in sales people. It is understandable considering the number of times they have been burned by salespeople. However, as we transition from traditional telecom to cloud services, someone will need to train the salespeople (and the marketplace).

"Unless resellers move from solving the technology problem to solving the business problem, their business is at risk."

It's about the cake, not the ingredients. It's about driving the car, not the components.

Relationships will need to be established at many levels of the organization. One reason is the employee turnover problem. What if your contact leaves the company? I had that happen. I lost a lucrative account.

Also, the CMO is buying tech like iPads for sales; apps for tablets; cloud apps like CRM; and social media monitoring tools. You have to make friends everywhere.

That also means that talking tech is NOT going to work. You need to be talking productivity and business processes. How will the tech help them sell more, market better?

That is a tremendous shift for many telecom providers.

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