Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Cloud Scenario

I know I pick on the dumb pipe and DSL model often. This is a different view of it.

So talking to buddies of mine who are not in tech or telecom - a doctor, a consultant, a coach, a real estate agent. What is the Cloud? They have no idea.

They like their smartphones. The personal clouds that store everything magically and attached to their devices. And cheap and easy.

The ones on Android use Google everything. Why? Calendar and email sync is super easy and one interface to learn. And it is everywhere.

So what does this have to do with you?

Broadband - cable modem, DSL, fixed wireless - are static. People are mobile.

People are used to being tethered to their smartphone, which is attached to their information.

These are not iPad people either.

The Cloud is basically their personal data following them around.

I'm not saying to try to create Google Apps or Google drive, but if you sell resi, you need to be selling some kind of Dropbox, Mozy, X-Drive, SugarSync - something. In this preso by Dropbox and Xobni founders, slides 6 & 7 are big:

"Make Something People want!" Not what you want to market or what you think is comfortable. You have to offer services that people will buy! That people want to buy... from you!

B2B is the same way. What are your customers using right now that you can sell them? One example is Conferencing. Most businesses use some conferencing - audio, web and video. Sure there are free options out there - Skype, G+ Hangout, etc. - but they want easy, dependable, reliable and help. Can you offer that?

Side Note:

Google bought QuickOffice today.

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