Thursday, May 24, 2012

Verizon May Lose Anti-Trust Case

AstroTel, a greater Tampa Bay CLEC, filed an anti-trust suit against Verizon - Case Number: 8:11-cv-02224. VZ fired back and liquidated AstroTel in bankruptcy. The assets of AstroTel were sold to Birch, probably for a song cuz that's how it rolls in VZ BK court.

VZ wanted the anti-trust suit dropped in November 2011. Uh, hell no. "May 4, 2012: ORDER: The Motion to Dismiss is GRANTED without prejudice with respect to Counts 4-6, 8, and 11-13 of the Amended Complaint. The Motion to Dismiss is otherwise denied. AstroTel may file a Second Amended Complaint by May 15, 2012. See Order for details. Signed by Judge Virginia M. Hernandez Covington on 5/4/2012." That's good news for AstroTel. Bad news for VZ. This goes to trial on 6 counts. It may take a lot more money and several years but maybe AstroTel will win this and give Verizon a big black eye.

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