Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Two Small Things from Cable and FiOS

Cable companies - Bright House Networks, Cablevision, Comcast, Cox Communications or Time Warner Cable - are sharing their 50,000 wi-fi hotspots with each other. Kind of a roaming deal. I have written before that I thought it would be a competitive advantage for ISP's to have a deal with Boingo or Wayport (before AT&T bought it). Why? Fixed broadband service means that your customer has to have another broadband option for when he is on the road - even just outside his office. With Cloud, the idea of being unconnected is like a nicotine addict without a cigarette.

Wi-Fi hotspots around town offer advertising (in the SSID space) opportunities as well as a possible revenue source for hourly or daily users.

Verizon plans price hikes for Fios, wireless users. "Verizon customers should expect to pay more for Fios and their wireless service, as the company looks for ways to increase revenue to justify its spending on its infrastructure." That's kind of good news for those with another broadband offer in those areas. However, FiOS is also raises its speeds this June, according to DSL Reports and Gary Kim.

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