Thursday, May 31, 2012

BYOD 101

BYOD is bring your own device to work and force the corporate IT department to deal with it. It is also called the Consumerization of IT. Technology n bubbles up from the workforce who want the same experience at work that they have at home, especially mobile, remote and virtual workers. It is becoming a nightmare for (understaffed) IT departments. It is making the IT Dept. more like the HR Dept. - overhead!

A couple of articles to look at for you on BYOD:
"BYOD 101: Creating a BYOD policy for users. What kind of usage policy does BYOD need?" There is an opportunity to help draft policy as a consultant and even take over some of the IT management as a secondary source.

TechRepublic has an article on "Prepare Your Org for BYOD". The supplementary article is about mobile device support, which, btw, can be outsourced to someone like TD Mobility.


From ATT's blog: "According to Juniper’s report, IT feels pressure from both senior management and other employees to support the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend. However, IT pros reported concerns about the following consequences of BYOD:"

  • Security breaches due to stolen devices – 41%
  • Knowledge required to manage devices – 40%
  • Knowledge needed to manage security protocols – 37%
  • Employees introducing malware – 32%

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