Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5 Good Articles to Read

I have more things I want to write about than time to write them. Here are 5 articles + a video series that express some of the stuff I want to say. Enjoy.

Five Things You Should Stop Doing in 2012. I like Responding Like a Trained Monkey.

Five Common Strategy Mistakes. I like them all, especially "Mistake #2. Confusing competitive advantage with "what you're good at."" Many CLEC's have made "Mistake #4. Thinking that "growth" or "reaching $1 billion in revenue" is a strategy." Revenue is a Goal, not a strategy. And revenue is not profit.

How to Sell if You Hate Selling: "Your success in business depends upon your ability to sell. .... Selling is actually helping."

Video: Gilt Groupe's Hiring Secrets. "Your idea isn't the important part of your business. It's the execution that makes the difference." And that gets back to your Talent.

Jason likes this blog about sales management. I think it is thin. What do you think? Read it here.

A hierarchy of business to business needs - Tailor the sales pitch to the buyer's position in the company.

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