Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday News Bits

Quite a few good articles to share with you today.

A couple of weeks ago in Vegas, I was in a meeting with Gartner and CRN. Some of this meeting I shared with folks in Orlando. Some of it is here by CRN's Rauline Ochs in The Art Of Cloud Brokering. "Forty-two percent of customer respondents indicated a cloud broker is critical or important to their cloud services plans today. Another 13 percent believe a cloud broker is critical when the customer’s IT delivery model includes three to five or more cloud services." It's about making the complex easier <- that's your job.

There is still money in wirelines. New Services Let Wired Networks Push Data, Video. "Metaswitch is demonstrating multiple ways to let businesses and consumers share content during calls, push calls from a smartphone to a desk phone to a tablet without dropping them, and push out Web pages during a call to offer coupons or business information to folks calling in."

A look at cellco Net Neutrality by Forbes.

TW Cable, VZ Wireless Gang Up on AT&T. VZW has already started marketing its combo bundles with TWC outside its current region, attacking ATT. This combo will not be good for the marketplace.

House votes to limit FCC's power to make rules, set conditions on mergers

It's NOT just about Price. There's also Value, Ease, Bundle and more. Read here.

20% Don't Go Online at All!

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