Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Managed Servcies to the Revenue Rescue

Maybe Rob Powell hit it on the head: "MegaPath is one of the newer breed of service providers trying to ride the cloud and managed services out of CLEC-world." Megapath partnered with Mozy (like Cbeyond does) to roll out a Hosted Backup / Data Storage service.

Meanwhil, MegaPath announced that they are the "largest provider of on-net Ethernet over Copper (EoC) services in the US with 500 COs." So maybe not so far away from CLEC.

Every industry has a runway. How long that runway way no one can guess correctly. However, all eyes point to LEC revenue running out of revenue sooner rather than later. See here: "By 2020, for example, European telcos could see their sales fall by up to 20 percent." Where to get more revenue? Apps, Cloud, and Managed Services.

Windstream is attacking the SMB space with services (see here) - PC support, web hosting, fax-to-email, conferencing, and credit card processing. Obviously, WIND sells data center, colo, and Cloud. Now comes "Windstream’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) provides business with a variety of cost-effective ways to replicate and recover your critical servers and data center infrastructure to Windstream’s cloud environment." DRaaS makes me laugh. But maybe trying to make DR easy will work. What do you think?

In the I told you so category.

I suggested something like this years ago and people told me reasons it wouldn't work: "FedEx Office is now offering companies the ability to send documents through Google Cloud Print to more than 1,800 FedEx Office stores nationwide." Print from Chrome or Android smartphones.

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