Friday, March 09, 2012

Bonding Circuits

ON FISPA, there was a summary of SharedBand's offering. Sharedband bonds together circuits that you bring. If it works, it would be good for an ISP, who could bundle his own broadband, MetroE, and T1 circuits with 3G/4G or cable broadband circuits.

"NetWolves' Bonded Broadband allows up to four circuits to be bonded together to form one virtual circuit. DSL, cable, fixed wireless, 3G/4G wireless and even T-1's can be bonded together. The circuits can be the same or vary based on customer requirements." Diversity.

And it's managed / monitored: "NetWolves Bonded Broadband is always monitoring the status of the physical circuits that are bonded together. If a physical circuit should fail the Bonded Broadband virtual circuit continues to operate, albeit at a lower performance level than when all of the underlying physical circuits were functioning."

BTW, I am an Agent for Netwolves and more 20+ other carriers. Just wanted to let you know that bonding is available in the marketplace.

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