Friday, February 17, 2012

Goofy Post of the Week

I thought this was funny since my Cloud book should have been finished by now, but just isn't. Too much going on to do it right now. Or I would be the official NSP Cloud Sherpa for sales.

From a Phone+ article, this quote is right on: explain on the tech IMPACTS the customer's business and the price matters less (if they Trust and Like you). The Trust and Like comes from a lot of sales training (for example, mine and Gitomer), but it echos in my head from Guy Kawasaki's keynote at Parallels Summit this week. See my notes here.

This is a big issue: selling on price. If you THINK that your service is a COMMODITY, you Lost already. Guy Kawasaki said this, but in sales training I tell folks that if you do not believe that your service will be the best decision that the customer could make, get out. It's all about Win-Win. You buy from us, we take care of you. It's about Value and Impact and Customer Service and being Remarkable.

Everyone is having this problem. And a direct sales team costs money, especially if they are not producing. How are you driving sales? Is it effective?

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