Monday, February 27, 2012

Dell is Out of PC's

"Dell says it will no longer make and sell PCs, focusing instead on enterprise IT," according to this report. Speaking at the launch of new enterprise hardware at an event in [the UK], the president of Dell's enterprise solution group, Brad Anderson said: "We're no longer a PC company, we're an IT company. ..... It's no longer about shiny boxes, it's about IT solutions [that let companies drive efficiencies]."

This follows HP's moves into software and services that HP has had trouble executing on.

Cbeyond announced a re-thinking of it brand as well. It's all about cloud for CBEY.

Both RBOC's have declared that they are communications and entertainment companies, not telcos. Both have dived into cloud for enterprises. VZ did so by buying Terremark. Ma Bell announced Synaptic Compute as a Service platform with VMware.

Times they are a changing. I hope you are changing with them.

One ISP that is making changes is Sonic. From DSL to voice to ADSL2+ to fiber. Another is SnappyDSL, who was all about DSL, then tried some VoIP, then tried some CLEC, and now is going fixed wireless. No risk, no Reward.

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