Thursday, February 16, 2012

3 Interesting Things Plus Dean

Alteva has sales training for agents - and they charge for it!! Two days for $350. Alteva offered this 2-day training at ITEXPO East in Miami Beach on Jan. 31- Feb. 1. Then Louis Haynor, CSO of Alteva, and their partner, Jim Riley at Apptix, had a panel (that was video taped by Alteva) about Certification. The question asked: What is the economic impact on Channel, Carrier, Customer of Cert? Interesting answer is that for Cloud Services, Education is needed in the marketplace and within the Industry for sales. More here.

Alianza landed a deal with Clearwire. "Alianza will oversee day-to-day voice operations for Clearwire and supply all end-to-end software components of the hosted voice platform, including soft switch, application feature server, call rating, CPE provisioning, monitoring, security, and end-user self-support tools," according to the article. Apparently voice over 4G won't be the same as voice over 1G and 2G networks. Interesting.

This is kind of cool:

Change the way you think about the phone call! I found this video about Thrutu via Rich Tehrani's eye opening article about the future of telco competition. It isn't about the phone call -- it's about how customers want to communicate.

So Dean Parker of Callis in Mobile has been in the news quite a bit recently. (Supplanting Sonic CEO Dane Jasper for now.) Apparently, Dean is spending some time in Washington: Meet Tech Entrepreneur Dean Parker: Revolutionizing Cloud Communications and Dean guest speaking at MindShare in DC. And he was at ITEXPO in Miami - we passed in the halss a couple of times. Nice PR work.

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