Thursday, January 05, 2012

So You Want to Sell TV

I have a few clients that are considering selling TV in 2012. Don't.

I have spoken about this before that due to the expense of head-ends and middleware and set-top boxes, you need scale to get into the TV game. Plus getting access to content (that customers want and will pay for) is a challenge.

If you are going FTTX to the Resi route, you need a triple-play including TV, but when you look at Frontier and ATT, who still just re-sell satellite TV, you have to ask, is it a profitable line of business? Or can I put that capital - both financial and human resource - to better use?

Cord cutting is going up. MSO's will not admit it, but Deloitte just released a report: 9% have cut cable, another 11% are considering it. That means that the market for making money on TV is shrinking.

You don't have to listen to me. (You can just follow what the other telcos do!) I appreciate you just reading this. But there are other areas that are growing, that you could make some bank on. Wouldn't that be worth a look too? Wouldn't it be nice to be the leader again, instead of the follower?

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