Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Super Customer Service

The bar is so low for customer service in America that it is easy to be remarkable. By remarkable, I mean doing something that others will remark or talk about. In this article there are a few suggestions, including following up on sales and customer service calls.

Do you say Thank You? Here is an article about Gary Vee's new book Thank You Economy. Thank You's are Public Relations. PR can be used effectively to market your business. Sonic.net does a good job with PR.

In this video, Gary Vee talks about how people are talking about your business - online, on twitter, on Facebook - or your competitors - and you aren't listening, which is funny, because if you were at a restaurant or party and overheard someone talking about your business or Comcast or ATT, you would be all over that conversation. Social media is the same way.

Two final thoughts:

"If you say your service is excellent, make it so." Test to be sure that your customers think your service is excellent too. Just your saying so, doesn't make it so.

Want an example of customer service? Zappos and how they Deliver Happiness through customer service and corporate culture.

"Want a bigger brand? Make bigger promises. And keep them."

In case you missed this blog post about marketing before, here it is again.

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