Monday, November 21, 2011

Draper's Rules for Start-Up Success

On Matt McCall's VC blog, he summarizes Tim Draper's speech about start-up success.

"Test your product and get it out into market." As Seth says, "Ship it!" Betas are popular. Secret launch of your new VoIP offering or backup service can spread via word of mouth.

"Don't run out of cash."

It's all about Making the Complex Simple or Keeping It Simple Stupid. (It's a Linchpin tenet.)

"Focus...what is the most important thing to customer and what you can do to uniquely solve it."

"You are the leader of organization: take care of self, employees will also. You are the brand and heart of the culture."

I really like this one: "Think Big...go after things that count, one life to lead and go after big problem, change society!"

"Have fun"

"Partner and work with as many people as possible David Rosenblatt of DoubleClick fame added."



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