Friday, November 04, 2011

Amazing Tidbits

Dial-up is still a cash cow (but some of you know that already).

AOL Still Has 3.5 Million Dialup Subscribers

Earthlink still makes cash from dial-up, but they have been on an acquisition run lately, mainly managed IT companies.

The other dial-up giant is NetZero, owned by United Online, which also owns FTD,, Memory Lane, and about $30M per quarter on NetZero. Now NetZero has a deal with Clearwire to offer 4G service starting in 2012.

You probably don't hear it from the customer's side often, but here is a great write-up of what it is like to be a techie customer calling support.

Dial-up isn't the only legacy thing that is a cash cow. PRE-PAID is too.

Cablevision not only launched Hosted PBX service for large enterprise but added some twists due to the Metaswitch server: the service "provides a range of new call-processing, mobility and collaboration features.... Optimum Lightpath sells the service as an add-on to its Internet Voice Bundle with flat-rate pricing for preset bundles of phone minutes. The service also offers free calling to other Optimum Lightpath Hosted Voice customers and support for HD Voice". In addition, Cablevision "has rolled out a click-to-call service that allows users to make phone calls to landline or mobile phones in the U.S. by clicking on phone numbers on web pages," according to this article.

Did you know that powers not just Google Voice, but Twilio, Skype and numerous other services that use VoIP to connect a call. Check this out: "Republic Wireless, a division of, will launch a $19 per month hybrid VoIP/cellular service on November 8th. That service will provide unlimited calling, texting and 3G data for Republic Wireless customers," according to this report.

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