Monday, August 01, 2011

Some Telecom Facilities Dilemmas

Recently, some changes have swept through the telecom plant space. ATM and Frame Relay were removed from tariff and price guides by AT&T. VZ removed them a while ago. The pricing for BellSouth Metro Ethernet really increased (effective today).

VZ FiOS has been snipping copper pairs for over 2 years now. The U-Verse service, the FTTN project ATT builds to provide VDSL2 triple-play service, is removing addresses from the CLEC and ISP databases after U-Verse is ordered. Worse than just clipping the copper, Ma Bell is just saying: We now exclusively own this customer premise. Bye bye."

In Florida, the PSC (Public Utility Commission) no longer has jurisdiction over telecom. It is totally un-regulated! Check in your state.

LNP issues are starting to creep up as well, even in RBOC territory.

And I am working on a report about how call termination is a mess. It seems that calls to rural areas, RLEC's: 'calls intended for high-cost rural areas may not be completed."

All and all, it's not easy being a CLEC unless you are dedicated to your company and its customers. (It can't be a part-time thing.)

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