Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The VoIP Roll-ups

Because some folks are looking for an exit:

Flint Telecom Group has set a goal of adding at least 10 companies to its telecoms unit this year, looking to acquire turnkey VoIP providers that are currently delivering telecom and data services to small and medium enterprises in the U.S. The strategy should increase the company's revenues by some $20 million once all the deals are made. [FierceTelecom]

Other companies are rolling up VoIP Providers too. (I get calls often.)

As some of you are aware, CommPartners won a lawsuit against Paetec but lost against Ma Bell, went into Bankruptcy protection only to get liquidated. One company was going to buy the assets, but was beat by another. Now I am told, "April 25th sale of Commpartners hosted services to leading edge communications or best offer over $1.66M." Interesting mainly because they are fighting over scraps and that so far 2 entities could not get the network to run properly everywhere.

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