Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's Been Busy in DC

“This Public Notice will provide a way for internet service providers, the tech community, and the public to help develop clear guidelines that will help everyone understand how to get the service they need.” FCC BUREAU SEEKS COMMENT ON “NEED FOR SPEED” INFORMATION FOR CONSUMERS OF BROADBAND SERVICES. Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau Wants to Hear What Information Would Be Most Helpful to Consumers.

FLORIDA CABLE TELECOMMUNICATIONS ASSOCIATION, INC; COMCAST CABLEVISION OF PANAMA CITY, INC.; MEDIACOM SOUTHEAST , L.L.C.; AND COX COMMUNICATIONS GULF, L.L.C., CABLE OPERATORS, V. GULF POWER COMPANY, RESPONDENT. Affirmed the Initial Decision of Chief ALJ Sippel, who determined that Gulf Power Company is not entitled to compensation above the regulated rate for any attachments to its poles by the Cable Operators. (Docket # 04-381 and FCC No. 11-44).

FCC Reduces pole attachment fees & time to allow attachments. Here is the 144-page FCC order.

10 Myths about Muni Broadband by Jim Baller from Broadband Properties magazine.

House votes to overturn FCC rule prohibiting ISPs from blocking lawful apps/content. [see here]

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