Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Topic Ideas

Sometimes when asked about a topic idea, I come up blank, especially if it is a big show like Web 2.0 Expo or Blogger's World. Larry Lisser said to me that I am very granular. I need to start thinking bigger. That said, here are some topics I have been thinking about for Channel Partners Expo, ITEXPO West in Austin, and webinars.

Social Media is a hot topic. But I don't want to talk about all of the social networks because it appears overwhelming to the busy entrepreneur. So here's some specific topics:

Tweet Your Way to Raving Fans - how to use twitter for customer service and relationship building.

Stalk Your Best Prospects for Sales - Prospecting via social media, Google and old fashioned networking. (My 3rd book has a chapter on this.)

Why Blogging Works and How to Do it

The Cloud is everywhere :) Hence, How to Make Clouds Rain. A rainmaker is the top dog salesperson. In law firms the rainmaker is the one bringing in big clients. So first define What the Cloud is, then who to sell it to and why.

The Long Tail: Vertical Prospecting

EoC: Ethernet to the Customer as opposed to EoX: Ethernet over Anything. XO and Tele-Pacific deliver Ethernet to the customer over fixed wireless, fiber and copper.

How do you sell online? The biggest question I get is how to sell your services online. It's an expensive deal - got a $1M? But if you don't want to spend that then you should utilize a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign, coupon sites, twitter, or SEO 9search engine optimization) to drive sales.

Running a Referral System

Next week at the Service Provider Summit, I will be presenting on the following: So You Want to be a CLEC?, CLEC Strategies, and The Cloud is Now: Get Your Piece.

How to SELLECOM Hosted PBX

Upselling SIP Trunks.


Goal Setting

A Sales Plan for Lit Buildings

Unified Communications

I just needed to list these somewhere so I can look at it when I need topics for a speaking proposal. Thanks.

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