Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Some FCC News

First up the Broadband Map. "Two years in the making, a national, interactive map that pinpoints which communities do -- or don't -- have access to broadband is set to be unveiled by the Commerce Department on Feb. 17. The map, required by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, is expected to play a critical role in guiding both the Federal Communications Commission and Congress on policymaking related to broadband deployment and adoption." [tech daily dose]

Cisco and the NTCA are complaining to the FCC about Google and the AllVid open-source set-top box proposal. Meanwhile, Microsoft has DC in an anti-trust frenzy around Google. A big innovative company and we are going to stifle it with regulation. Now. Even as the Obama Administration launches its Start-up Strategy.

The FCC revamped the USF. Will it cost more now? "The FCC's decision yesterday to revamp its $8.7 billion universal service fund (USF) could provide more government funding for mobile broadband in rural areas without high-speed Internet access." [wirelessweek]. More at Telegeography.

And broadband deployment is hampered by local and county rules and policies, according to this report to the FCC.

FCC ADVANCES DATA INNOVATION INITIATIVE. The FCC launched two proceedings to ensure that it collects the data it needs to make sensible policy, streamlines its data collection program, et al. [form 477 is due March 1, 2011!]

FCC PROPOSES MODERNIZING AND STREAMLINING UNIVERSAL SERVICE. The FCC proposed to modernize and streamline its universal service and inter-carrier compensation policies to bring affordable wired and wireless broadband - and the jobs and investment they spur - to all Americans while combating waste and inefficiency.

SEPARATE STATEMENTS- FCC PROPOSES MODERNIZING AND STREAMLINING UNIVERSAL SERVICE. Statements of Chairman Genachowski, Commissioners Copps, McDowell, Clyburn and Baker.

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