Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another Telco Goes Google

So a rural ILEC in Virginia, IL, CassComm has jumped on the Google bandwagon.

NeoNova Network Services, the leader in managed broadband services, today announced Cass Communications (CassComm) has signed a long-term agreement to utilize NeoNova’s Cloud Provisioning Platform and NovaSubscriber, in conjunction with Google’s messaging and application products. ... CassComm is deploying Google Apps and Postini Spam and Virus Filtering to their subscriber base in an effort to provide a feature-rich product set while freeing up technical resources to focus on other areas of their business.

It's a business decision. It's obviously not for everyone. The interesting part for me is how NeoNova is in the cloud and making money enabling Google Apps. (Kind of like my partner in the Google Apps for ISP game, IKANO).

There's an abundance of opportunity as The Cloud means people are willing to outsource data, applications, services and tech to someone -- why not you?

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