Friday, January 07, 2011

How $250 or Less Will Improve Sales

Were sales in 2010 what you expected or what you wanted?

How many sales people hit their quota?

Have you done any sales planning with your sales team for 2011? If not, expect similar results from 2010. Without sales planning, you are basically hoping that the sales people know enough to get your company enough sales - and the right sales - to make it through 2011.

Think about that. You built your company. You won't outsource anything. You built it all yourself. But when it comes to sales, you expect some hired gun to know what products to sell and to who and what the value proposition is and which products are higher margin???

For just $259 you can get my sales planning guide titled LIT BUILDINGS. This book is a step-by-step sales planner. [And until Jan. 31, 2011 you can save 10% by entering the code READ2011 at checkout at Lulu.

If that's too steep, for $175 you can purchase the Audio version of that book that will be out on Feb. 1!

If that still seems too steep, I will be doing a tele-seminar on Sales Planning for Lit Buildings, WISP's and CLEC's on Wed., January 26, 2011 at 3 PM Eastern time. Register right here for a measly $99:

I have a couple of old Power Point presentations on slideshare for you to look at for no-charge :) One is on Goal Setting. The other is on How to Have the Best Year Ever.

I forgot to mention that when you buy the book, there is a surprise on the last page: a link to download the Sales Management seminar video complimentary! You only get the video with the book. (Or you can buy the video separately here).

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