Friday, January 07, 2011

E-Rate Survey by the FCC

The FCC released the 2010 E-RATE PROGRAM AND BROADBAND USAGE SURVEY: REPORT. This report presents data from the 2010 E-rate Program and Broadband Usage Survey commissioned by the FCC and conducted by Harris Interactive, Inc.

Some interesting data. For example, nearly 80% of all survey respondents say their broadband connections do not fully meet their current needs. And 39% of E-rate survey respondents cite cost of service as a barrier in meeting their Internet needs, and 27% cite cost of installation as a barrier.

I don't understand that because in most cases install of DIA is free. And in the E-rate program 90% is paid by E-Rate. So how is it too expensive? Oh, wait. They mainly buy from the ILEC!

One opportunity here is that you provide a savings but more importantly add services like email, hosting, Google Apps maybe, and WLAN. Suggest that WLAN can be used for video surveillance. Be creative! That is th ekey to winning deals today: Being Creative. As always if you need help, call me.

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