Friday, December 03, 2010

Why They Can't Close Sales

"More than 70 percent of all deals that don’t close are the sales representative’s fault. He adds that most sales reps are “so proud of their solution, that they talk too much.” from John Costigan Companies.

Three other important points:

  1. They do Not have a Sales Plan.
  2. They do Not do properly Follow up.
  3. They do Not do Pre-Call preparation.

Sales people will then complain that they have too many proposals? Yet not nearly enough Closes.

I understand. I do.

  • Are you educating the market but can't get a commitment or the check?
  • Are you leaving your sales calls without knowing exactly what is going to happen next?
  • Are you hearing the same old excuses (the market, the economy, the competition, etc.)?

Are you willing to finally do something about the state of your sales?

If so, call RAD-INFO INC at 813-963-5884 for sales training. Not just for your sales team but for your technicians and customer service people so that you can get a bigger bite out of the total telecom pie spend of your customers.

Here are some articles about sales:

Selling SIP Trunking

The Challenge Selling Hosted PBX.

You can't be all things to everyone.

BTW, what are the 3 traits that good sales people have? Analytical, Creative and Determined.

Do you sales people have those traits? Do they have a belief that your services are the best solution for your marketplace? If not, well, no wonder they aren't selling.

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