Monday, December 06, 2010

Why Consumers Switching ISP's

The FCC has a study out about customer satisfaction with broadband. Also, a study about why consumers switch ISP's. The summary is available on the FCC blog.

Consumers switch for price and speed.

"Speed is a major factor that leads people to switch ISPs – but how many of us really understand what speed we’re getting? We previously reported that 80 percent of Americans don’t know their broadband speed, and today’s survey found that most say their monthly bills aren’t clear about speed either. If ISPs are going to compete on speed – which will be good for consumers and good for the country’s broadband infrastructure – then consumers need better information on what speed they need and what speeds they’re getting."

Just some data for you to mull over.

BTW, analysts say that if it is about speed, then cable will win hands down, except where FTTH exists.

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