Friday, December 03, 2010

Things Are Happening Quickly

Companies are in a panic just buying up other companies for scale and to add Cloud services. Lots of merger activity. I can barely keep up. Here's a couple of posts that list a bunch of M&A:

  1. DISH bought a CLEC
  2. Novell is gone.

If you are getting into cloud, here are 8 questions to ask your Cloud Provider.

Google is developing an online storage service called "Cloud Picker." It's now or never for you to start offering data backup. Here are some companies to look at as partners:/p>

Google is buying 111 8th Avenue carrier hotel in NYC, one of world's most wired buildings.

Tech Data is now selling LED light bulbs. SYNNEX is an apps store. Ingram Micro is going to be the cloud services distributor. The distributors are worried because they make money distributing hardware for manufacturers like HP, Lenovo, Cisco, etc. They also handle licensing for Microsoft and Oracle and others. None of that exists in The Cloud space. Then Larry Ellison lays out his plan for going after HP with new high speed servers. And CLOUD is going after all of them. No wonder Tech Data is looking at light bulbs.

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