Sunday, November 21, 2010

As Things Change

"Would we (the market) benefit from more pandering by marketers churning out average stuff that gets a quick glance, or would we all be better off with passionate renegades on a mission to fulfill their vision?" from Seth Godin's blog.

It's a good question: are you following your vision, your passion? Are you having fun? At one time you did. At one time, this business all seemed easy. Unfortunately, those days are gone. Even the Monopolies are having fits, and can't sleep at night due to this thing called hyper-competition.

Dialogic had a conference in Budapest this week. This is from a Dialogic blog:

"One of the underlying themes at the event is that while we are undergoing tremendous change within the telecommunications industry, because of various technological enhancements such as broadband wireless, cloud computing and VoIP -- who will be the big service providers in 10 years, how will people generally communicate in 10 years, what are the revenue models going to be -- there is huge opportunity for everyone in this change. And in a way, there is no change at all - the service providers need to make money via adding new value added services whatever they are, and they also need to reduce CAPEX and OPEX in different ways, and enterprises need to improve customer service and reduce expenses."

As things change, they remain the same. He adds:

"The things that may be different are - what the new services will be, who a service provider is, and what constitutes an enterprise. So the high level tenets stay the same, the tactics just change. This is important to understand to make sure we understand the entire ecosystem, our part in it, and how best to add value and make money."

Do you know where you fit into the new ecosystem?

Are you following your Vision?

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